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Saturday, July 12, 2014

My Bio-Data ツ

Name                  : Mohammad Syafiq Syazwan Bin Sanusi
Age                     : 18 years old
Hobby              : Playing Football,Badminton,Playing Video                                  Games 
My Favourite's colour are :Black , Blue , Green Red .

Father's name    : Sanusi Bin Abdul Hadi
Employment      : Farmer
Mother's name : Rabiah Binti Hashim
Employment     : -

Sibling               : I Have 4 Sibling Including Me ( I'm The Last One From Four *I have 3 sisters*
My first sister's name       : Norrafidah Binti Sanusi
My second sister's name : Nor Mardiana Binti  Sanusi
My third sister's name   : Nor Salwa Syazwani Binti  Sanusi

I'm from Sungai Besar,Selangor Darul Ehsan 
( in the district of Sabak Bernam )

I was choose this college because I din't get offered from UNISZA at Terengganu with the same course that I choose at this college and  I don't want to continue my study in Form 6 .

I took a diploma course in Al-Quran and As-sunaah

My ambition          : Teacher
My Role Model is : Tuan Guru Nik Aziz
                                  : Ustaz Azhar Idrus
                                 : Ustaz Don Danial

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